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Updated: Mar 24

Like many of our creative friends, in Seattle and around the globe, we are taking to the internet to keep our community and colleagues connected.

Many of us are learning the magic of Video Conferencing, Virtual Happy Hours, and Online Open Mics - it’s actually quite incredible to witness and be a part of.

Since The Rendezvous & Jewelbox Theater is a venue that prides itself on being a gathering place for so many different groups of humans in Seattle, it would be a shame to put that on hold for this duration of time that still remains unknown.

So…introducing ‘The Virtual Vous’ - an online landing zone for content that is All Thing Rendezvous, as well as a community hub and sharing platform.

We encourage you to take part and we are calling for submissions!

We’d love to feature you, your organization, your troupe, and your talent!

Send us a joke! A recipe! Your LiveStream shows! A comedy set! A tease or tutorial! Photos, poems, Rendezvous related articles or anecdotes - we are open to all art forms.

Please remember that we are a safe space for all people, so the material you submit should honor that.

If you are interested in collaborating, please email Madeline@TheRendezvous.Rocks

We are excited to work with you, and Welcome!

* As a non-profit and small business, we are incredibly grateful for your support during this time. If you're feeling generous and able, please consider making a donation to help offset losses incurred by the outbreak:

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