Keefee's Virtual House of Cards! - Live Streaming April 2nd @ 8pm

Have you met Keefee?

Keefee is a basement blackjack dealer at The Rendezvous.

House of Cards is a monthly show in The Grotto, where blackjack is played; Keefee is both the dealer and the host.

There is an opening number, a 'shuffleator', and usually a pair of short shorts.

When CityArts was around, they explained that Keefee "spends the entire show as the titular character- a hilarious, emotionally erratic blackjack dealer from Tallahassee".

You can find the full write up here

Even though we must maintain social distancing orders and cannot meet at The Rendezvous, House of Cards will still go on- virtually.

Join us on Facebook for a livestream this Thursday, April 2nd @ 8pm

It is Christmas themed, with Christmas bingo and everything!

RSVP's are encouraged, as there may be a Secret Santa game! You can do so here.

"The show is about blackjack but the posters every month are so f@&*ing random you'd never know that except for that my face is usually in them." - Keefee

Here is a snippet of what you can expect during Thursday night's livestream:

52 Second Dance Party

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