Creatures for Charity with Chris Ballew!

Updated: Apr 3

You may know Chris Ballew as the lead singer of the Presidents of the United States of America. You know, that catchy-as-hell song about peaches.

You may also know him as Casper Babypants, the singer/songwriter making folky tunes for children and their caretakers.

What you may not know about Ballew is that he also dabbles in the realms of visual art.

The bulk of his work is defined by sets of quirky, psychedelic creatures, most of which came to life during personal meditations and floatations (have you checked out Float Therapy yet?).

Currently, Chris has a show up at The Rendezvous and each of these framed prints are available for purchase!

You can support Chris’ work by ‘Paying Now, Picking up Later’ (later being when we are able to safely resume operation in a month or so...) Framed Prints are $75 each. All proceeds go directly to three charities that Chris works alongside - Mary’s Place, Wellspring Family Services, and PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support)

Here are the creatures available:

To purchase, please email Madeline@TheRendezvous.Rocks with the title of the print you are interested in.

To support The Rendezvous & Jewelbox Theater, please consider a donation. You can do so by visiting our Donation Page


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